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Fire Door & Door Frame Price List

And Regulatory Requirements

The Australian Standard AS1905.1-2015, which controls the manufacture of the tags states:

As per the above, it requires tags to be manufactured using the ‘etch and fill’ process so the information is etched into the surface of the tag.  Simple anodised tags would be cheaper and easier to manufacture, but they do not conform to the Australian Standard.

Our Standard fire door and door frame tags are made from linished 0.6mm aluminium, printed with etch resist, etched in an electrolytic etch and the text is black enamelled and cleared.

All tags come with your company details plus text required by AS1905.1-2015.

They include rounded corners and mounting holes, for easy installation.

Sizes are minimum 26mm x 75mm for the fire door tags and minimum 26mm x 55mm for the fire door frame tags.

The fire door tags come sequentially numbered.

Although these tags are usually black on silver, it is possible to introduce other colours to the non regulatory part of the graphics (company logos, etc)

Delivery approx. 8 working days.  No art or set-up fees, you just pay for the tags and delivery.

Price List

Extra colour add 10%

Delivery $20.00

Larger Qty and non standard layout please phone/email

Barcoded tags, please phone/email for price and delivery

All prices quoted exclude GST


Fire Door Tag

Door Frame Tag


$3.40 ea

$3.15 ea


$3.15 ea

$2.70 ea


$3.00 ea

$2.45 ea


$2.75 ea

$2.15 ea


$2.20 ea

$1.65 ea

Required information on your fire door and door frame tags include:

AS that relates to the manufacture and installation of door set

Fire Resistance Level of door and frame

Doorset number

Door Manufacturer


Year of manufacture

6.1.3  Metal tags

The following provisions shall apply with regard to metal tags:

(a)  Dimensions  The dimensions of the metal tags for marking shall be not less than 50 mm x 25 mm.

(b)  Method of marking  The required information shall be etched, embossed or stamped on the metal tags so that it is recessed or projected not less than 0.25 mm below or above the surface of the tag.  Alphabetic or numeric characters shall  be not less than 2 mm high.

Star Nameplates tags are manufactured in Australia using Australian Materials